• Managed forests provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat, recreational values, and sustainable wood products.

  • Thinned lodgepole pine on the Idaho/Montana border.

  • Regeneration.

  • An Idaho Fish and Game biologist inspects an osprey chick at Cougar Bay on Lake Coeur d'Alene. The floating log deck in the background is long-gone from this resort community.

  • Two methods of unloading woody biomass.

Strategic communication has never been easy.

In an age of 24-hour news cycles and pervasive social media, fast and accurate communication is more important than ever. Timber, mining, agriculture and manufacturing industries are high-profile economic engines. The ability to communicate in a concise and effective manner can either make (or break) public perception of these companies.

Carlson Strategic Communications assists natural resource-related companies and organizations in finding solutions to complex problems of public policy, government affairs, strategic communication, issues management and media relations. Carlson Strategic Communications is uniquely qualified to assist in clear communications, public outreach activities, media relations, content creation and publishing, and other needs. CSC’s incredible network of connections throughout the Pacific Northwest region helps companies and organizations to achieve their goals.

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Carlson Strategic Communications is located in beautiful Medimont, Idaho, with an office in Spokane, Washington. Our diverse clients are located all over the Pacific Northwest.